Celeriac root chips (or wedges)

Celeriac root chips (or wedges)

If you're reading this, you probably received your celeriac this week and spent a bit of time trying to work out what it was, once you discovered that it was in fact a celeriac and not a scarecrows head your probably now wondering how to prepare and cook it.

Fear not however, as this root vegetable can be cooked just like any other, and what better way than chips or wedges.


  • 1 x celeriac scrubbed and cleaned (peel if you wish)
  • 2 tbsps of rape seed oil (other cooking oils work well)
  • 1 tsp of paprika (for colour and flavouring but optional)
  • Seasoning 


  • STEP 1
    Preheat overn to 200 degrees and cut the washed and scrubbed (or peeled) celeriac into slices approximately 1 to 2 cms thick, cut the slices into wedges or chips.
  • STEP 2
    Add the oil and chips into a bowl and toss until well coated.
  • STEP 3
    Add the paprika and seasoning and stir until evenly coated.
  • STEP 4
    Pop the chips onto a baking tray and cook for 35 to 45 minutes or until golden brown, check regularly and turn throughout cooking. 

Thrifty tip :

1)If you decide to peel the celeriac after its been scrubbed and cleaned, chop the peelings into small slices and add to stews and casseroles.

2) Celeriac is great for pickles, and pickling is a cheap way of preserving your vegetables.

3) Dont be afraid to experiment, coleslaws, soups, casseroles, roasted, and much more this delicious root veg is super vesatile.

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