Collection: Milk round subscription

How does our subscription work?

Select the products listed in the collection which are available for a regular weekly delivery, we are currently delivering these items on a Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday and to Bingham only, we are however considering extending this to a wider area and on other days if demand exists, so feel free to email or message us to register your interest,

We can deliver these items outside of these areas on a Wednesday or Saturday to anywhere else in Nottingham however these will be delivered between the hours of 10 and 6 alongside our normal deliveries.

simply select the quantity of items you require in a week, for example 15 pints of semi skimmed milk, 5 pints of full fat milk, 3 loaves of Hovis thick and 2 pints of orange juice, set up and pay the subscription via the website, then email us which products you require on which days, for example 5 pints of semi skimmed Tuesday Thursday and Saturday and all the other items on Saturday and we will do the rest for you, your subscription can be changed at any time by you, recurring payments are deducted each Sunday for the week ahead.