About us.....

Buttercross food boxes was set up to help ease the burden of the food crisis faced by many of our vulnerable population during the pandemic.

Since then we have continued to supply the people of the towns and villages in East of Nottinghamshire with a doorstep service. We now provide a delicious selection of fruit, vegetables, bakery items and locally grown flowers.

Our ethos is to buy as local as we can, whether that be from farmers directly or from market gardeners, we're keen to engage the community in growing food for market, aggregating into a delicious selection of fruit and veg to deliver back to the community. We are always looking for new growers to buy from as well as welcoming new customers.

Whilst we would love all our food to come from the surrounding fields and gardens but what about your staples that come from further afield? Well, when we buy, we do so mindfully, conscious of how food has travelled, avoiding air freight, and how it is packaged when we buy it. Ideally we would love to be able to eliminate plastic in our boxes entirely but realise that this is a difficult call when things are packaged at source. But the more we as shoppers and small-scale buyers insist on a plastic-free shop, the more notice the industry will have to take. Help us make a difference by insisting big business changes!