Fruit essentials box - weekly subscription

Fruit essentials box - weekly subscription

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All your fruit essentials right here in one box, freshly selected essentials, favourites and seasonal's all in one box.

A generous selection of 8 varieties of fruit.  This is our weekly subscription box offered at a reduced price of 15% off for your first 4 weeks, and 10% off thereafter. You can cancel any time after the first 4 weeks.

Our boxes change each week to keep the selection interesting, but will always contain apples, citrus and bananas as standard. 

Typically this box will mirror our none subscription box which this week includes:


Punnet Of Blueberries


Large English Apples


Citrus fruits - Satsumas or Clementines



Raspberries (quality dependant)

Please note that we may occasionally have to substitute fruit subject to availability, but expect a good variety, a typical box will contain enough fruit portions for 3 to 4 adults consuming 1 portion a day, typically you will receive 21 single pieces of fruit such as pears, apples, oranges, bananas as well as some larger portion fruits such as grapes / berries / melon / pineapple.