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Buttercross Food Boxes



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Going back to your roots

This box contains a fundamental selection of the season's best vegetables from under the ground.

In every box will be:

2kg Potatoes (white/red/baker)
1kg Onions
1kg Carrotts
1 bulb of garlic

Then three of the following
500g Swede
500g Turnip
1 bunch Beetroot
500g Celeriac
500g Sweet Potato
500g Parsnip

These variants will change week to week based on availability and market prices. As these it's tend to keep for longer than the shoots you may want to order less frequently than your Fruits, Shoots and Salad boxes.

These are your staples which should last a bit longer than your greens, so perhaps you would buy less frequently depending on your household size and how often you cook. 


Delicious fruit of the land

Nutritional info

They're good for you, full of fibre to keep you healthy, so eat them.


Please contact us to check if we are delivering to your area and days for delivery. Pick up from collection points also available.

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